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new stuff (order here)

New track for the Snowstar 10 Year Anniversary Compilation. Featuring Thijs Kuijken (I Am Oak) on guitar. Epic.


2012 pop hit album. Comes as a cd-r with nice artwork made by Teun Berting, or as a free download on the Bandcamp page.


This is an anniversary gift! It has been 5 years since my full-length album “A World Full Of Melodies” came out on Snowstar Records. I accidentally stumbled upon some old tape recordings from that era (2007), when I was cleaning out my vaults. I find them quite charming, in the most pure and honest way. So, I put them online here, partly as a way of archiving my works but also as a gift to anyone who’s into lo-fi Tascam Porta-02 recordings, like the ones Sentridoh, The Mountain Goats or Refrigerator once made. What? A World Full Of Melodies? Yes:


to be released
X (with The Things We Are), 2013
Bhava, 2013


old stuff

Fuzzy polecats with polka dots (1999) / Shemozzle for the invertebrate mustelidae (1999) / A rotifer’s dragging my onyx away (2000) / Shoegazing (2000) / A minor poet (2001) / The holy ghost (2002) / The subhuman ep (2002) / The piano ep (2002) / Blackfish (2003) / Sweet valley, every snow (2004) / Black songs for blue people (2004) / Knowing is half the battle (2005) / Valley songs 2003-2005 (2005) / Sorry machine (2006) / Harmonies cry ep (2007) / A world full of melodies (2007) / All birds dream of being human (2009) / Sur la route 7″ (2009) / Life after death ep (2010) / some compilations